Hey, guys! 

It’s the first time I write something to ask for some help. Well, first of all, excuse me if my english is very bad, I’m still working on that. Heh. 

My friends and I, some time ago, wanted to create a very cool activity for the SNS fandom. This was because we want people to be active in this big family. There’s nothing better than that, right? 🙂

So, we were thinking that people could take a photo anywhere in the world where on a paper it was written “The love of Naruto and Sasuke is so great that it reaches _____________” (You must write your country and your city if you want). Oh, and you should also write #StrongerThanDistance somewhere, of course. 

The photo could be taken, if you can, in some beautiful landscape of your city to which you have access. It should not necessarily be a representative place.

You have probably already seen this in romantic couples. And it’s a very nice gesture, so we wanted to try the same for our amazing ship because, after all, it would also be romantic for them. (? Anyway, the purpose of all this is to prove that the love of Naruto and Sasuke is so great that it is not able to respect time or place; and that the bond is found in the most hidden places. 

I do not intend to force anyone, it’s just a suggestion to do it here too. The Hispanic fandom gave us their consent and we want you to participate, too. Really.

But if it is not possible to do it, well, we are satisfied only with the SNS magazine that we are about to create. ^^

Have a good day. I will be waiting for your answers.

Love, @neblinallameante n’ @lilium-sns