Naruto Femslash Week

I got some messages from you guys that you wanted another femslash week so here goes! We will be hosting the femslash week (August 27th – September 2nd) to celebrate all the f/f ships in Naruto!


  • Any incest, paedophilia or implications of abuse or rape are not allowed.
  • No m/m ships that includes gender bend. We’re here to celebrate the female characters.
  • Trans headcanons are allowed!
  • Please tag your NSFW.
  • Each day will have two prompts, you can pick one or do both!
  • Rarepairs are allowed and are encouraged, the more wlw, the better!
  • You can create anything you want! Fanfics, art, gifs, graphics etc.
  • Tag all posts as #narutofemslashweek2018 for us to notice, and we will reblog it! If we miss your work just send us a message and we’ll reblog it straight away!


  • Day 1 (August 27): Domestic life/Modern AU
  • Day 2 (August 28): Genin/Anbu
  • Day 3 (August 29): Hokage/Polyamory
  • Day 4 (August 30): Memory/Grief
  • Day 5 (August 31): Secret Admirer/Firsts
  • Day 6 (September 1): Rarepair
  • Day 7 (September 2): Free day

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Please follow this blog if you’re taking part and to stay updated, thank you!

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